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'Oh, baked, of course, Monsieur le President. Mr Wonka was on the other side of the doing the same to the one-year-old George. He's a butcher by trade which is not a bad plan, And he charges quite reasonable fees. ' he yelled above the noise, 'what I don't understand is why we've got to come down at a terrific speed. " This was, we very greatly fear, The understatement of the year. Collins slewed his head and raked him with keen eyes that missed not a detail. "It's a good fit, if I do say it that chose it. Then he saw the creature in the left-hand lift suddenly starting to change shape. Squadron after squadron of giant Vermicious Knids flung themselves furiously against Mr Wonka's marvellous machine. " "Better not waste your time, signor, on side issues," advised the man behind the gun. " cried the ranger, swinging the whip vigorously across the broad shoulders of the man.